Telco Industry Quarterly Insight: Q2 2023

In the second of our new quarterly series, we explore the evolving landscape of the traditional MNO market. Gain valuable insights into the changing customer dynamics and the opportunities and challenges MNOs face as we approach Q4, with the iPhone launch and Black Friday on the horizon.

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Telco Industry Quarterly Insight: Q1 2023

The cost of living crisis in the UK is a hot topic of discussion, and for good reason. With rising inflation, stagnant wages, and increasing housing costs, many consumers are feeling the pinch. And as a result, businesses across all industries are feeling the impact – including the telecom industry.

In the first of our new quarterly series, Emily Becht, Head of Customer Analytics at 15gifts, analyses the top 3 trends in customer behaviour across the telco market throughout Q1 2023.

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