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Why psychology should underpin your digital selling strategy


Written in collaboration with
Valentin Mang, Senior Lecturer at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Two features play key roles in providing a superior digital selling experience: personalisation and humanisation. Get personalisation and humanisation right, and you open the door to the ultimate digital selling experience. 

But how do organisation’s get these two fundamental elements right?

Success requires a rich understanding of the human mind, consumer behaviour, and how external influences affect the way people think, feel and act. This is why the most forward-thinking companies apply psychological principles to deliver their customer experiences.

As the rate of online shopping continues to rise, organisations with a solid understanding of psychological concepts and how to apply them will gain a competitive advantage. Beyond creating an exceptional customer experience, experts in the field will be able to understand why their users behave the way they do.

In this paper, we explore:

Personalisation and humanisation as crucial layers in the digital sales experience

The importance of language and interaction in digital selling

Practical steps to implementing a psychology led approach

Why organisations should hire psychologists

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