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Every digital
sale matters

Increasing your digital sales mix, leveraging customer data for actionable insights, and creating a personalised online experience is vital for your online strategy – but this can feel overwhelming.

Powered by a unique combination of psychology and AI, our engine mirrors the consumer psychology principles adopted by your best in-store sales agents.

Cutting-edge AI

That understands your products, customers and brand. Our virtual sales advisor is trained with millions of data points, collected from more than 12 years of delivering guided selling solutions for some of the biggest global brands

Consumer psychology

We’ve enabled our AI to create compelling, human-like sales conversations by embedding consumer psychology principles into our foundation

Unique data insights

Access in-depth Profiles that reveal your customers’ buying motivations. Unlock more value from every prospect by delivering highly relevant interactions, shaped around each individual.

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Delivering results to you and value to your customers

Convert more traffic

Our consumer psychology foundation seamlessly integrates the human elements of purchasing into our engine to engage more prospects. From intelligent engagement to adaptive user journeys, your prospects will receive a personalised experience that confidently guides them through to a purchasing decision - and ultimately a sale.

Drive more revenue

Our guided selling engine uncovers your buyers’ motivations - helping them to find exactly what they need and inspiring them to make a purchase. Furthermore, our engine provides personalised upsell suggestions just before going through to the basket, helping you to get the most revenue out of every sale.

Unlock more value from every prospect

Every time your prospects use our engine, they build a Profile that offers unique insights into who they are and what they’d like to buy. You can use these insights to power untapped personalisation strategies, beyond the 15gifts engine.

2 million
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Customer success stories

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Celebrating 10 years of EE & 15gifts

Over the last decade, the 15gifts guided selling engine has continued to drive significant value to EE, increasing conversion by 61.4%

Vodafone achieves 40x ROI

In 2020, Vodafone partnered with 15gifts to enhance its online retail customer experience and performance. The rollout phase delivered a 46% uplift in conversion rates.

Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2 achieve 50% conversion uplift during low traffic periods.

Mobile Solution of the Year with EE / Retail Partnership of the Year (Online) with O2
Best Customer Conversion Platform
Our partnership with 15gifts and launch of our guided selling tool has been key in enhancing our online customer experience over the last year. The results have been great, with more and more customers using the tool and with an increased conversion rate.
Sonia Khella
Senior Product Owner - Vodafone UK
years delivering guided selling solutions for global brands
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