The Power of Profiles

Every time your prospects use our engine, they provide unique insights into who they are and what they’d like to buy. The potential this unlocks is huge.

Discover who your prospects are

When you’re using a one-size-fits-all sales approach, it’s difficult to appreciate the value that prospect customers can bring online.

At 15gifts, we have the unique ability to reveal the real people behind your prospect traffic – and we can share their decision drivers, tastes and mindsets with you in real time.

This unlocks more value from every prospect by delivering highly relevant interactions, shaped around each individual.

How do Profiles work?

As customers navigate your site and interact with the 15gifts journey, our engine collects traits – pieces of information that tell us who they are and what their buying motivations are.

By the time we recommend a product, we’ve used these traits to build up an in-depth profile that tells us more about the prospect than you know about your existing customers.

Profiles enables online sellers to continue gathering the insights needed for tailored marketing and product recommendations.

Inferred profiles

With third party cookies becoming harder to rely on, inferred traits hold the unique ability to discover and act in the same session, creating personalised experiences for prospect traffic.

Before customers use our engine, they’ve already left a digital footprint – a trace of everything from the pages they visited and links they clicked, to the way they scrolled on a page or moved a slider.

By matching the on-site behaviour of customers who use the engine with those who don’t, we can generate inferred profiles for around 70% of your prospect traffic.

This offers an intelligent approach to gathering customer information, so you can treat your prospects as individuals and offer the products and services right for them.  

On-site personalisation

With support of third party cookies being phased out, it’s harder for organisations to capture vital information to deliver the personalised experience consumers have come to expect.

The exciting part? By matching the traits of those who use the engine, with those that don’t, you can unlock the potential to gain unique real-time traits for up to 70% of your prospects.

Remarketing opportunities

Prospect not quite ready to buy? Use the data gathered to create a seamless customer experience and unlock re-marketing opportunities. Giving you another chance to re-engage prospects when they are elsewhere online.

Chat handover

Integrate profiles into Video chat and Live chat - allowing customers to seamlessly continue the conversation with an agent.

incremental rate – over a third of customers buying through the website wouldn’t have bought online without us.
completion rate – more than 9 in 10 people who answer the first question go on to receive a recommendation.
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