Can humanisation
go too far?

Why psychology should underpin digital selling strategies

Delivering an exceptional digital buying experience has become paramount. Today’s consumers demand engaging, personalised buying experiences that mirror the quality of high-street interactions from the comfort of their homes.

Humanisation, anthropomorphism and intuition

No matter how effective a personalised online experience is, there is one aspect of traditional in-store selling that many digital platforms still struggle to compete with: real people.

Personalised online interactions are effective, yet they often lack the warmth of genuine human connections that enhance brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

This segment explores research into the effectiveness of anthropomorphism – attributing human traits to non-human entities – delving deeper into the intricate nature of the humanisation concept.

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The importance of language and interaction

“It is about seeing the experience, feeling wowed by the experience, having that feeling embedded in memory, and creating the emotional connection that makes the customer want to return and stay with that company in the long term.” – Steven Walden, Senior Head of Research at Beyond Philosophy

Success in this realm requires a deep understanding of consumer psychology and behaviour, akin to mastering the art of in-store experiences.

Applying psychological principles from in-store strategies to digital platforms helps create a more human experience. This section uncovers three essential elements identified by Go and Sundar (2019) for increasing perceptions of humanness in digital assistants: visual cues, identity cues, and language-based cues.

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A psychology-led approach to digital selling

How then, can a psychology-led approach to digital selling be applied in the real world? As with any selling experience, a psychology-led approach should always be customer driven.


How to implement a psychology-driven strategy tailored to your customers’ needs and motivations

The five core elements of our proven approach, crafted in collaboration with consumer psychology experts

Real-world applications of psychological principles in digital selling, backed by over a decade of research

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