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Virgin Media O2 achieve 50% conversion uplift during low traffic periods

Virgin Media O2 and 15gifts have partnered for the last 8 years, delivering a guided selling engine that has helped an average of 80k users per month with their purchasing decisions and drives over 5k monthly assisted sales.


monthly assisted sales


average number of engine users per month


conversion uplift during low traffic periods

In April 2023, Virgin Media O2 were looking to enhance their customers’ out-of-hours experience and drive additional traffic to both the 15gifts engine and to their WhatsApp channel, via a contact engagement offer.

To make this happen, 15gifts joined forces with Now Interact, the company responsible for managing Virgin Media O2’s contact channel optimisation solution. Through seamlessly integrating the 15gifts engine with Now Interact’s contact channel optimisation solution, customers were given the option to easily utilise the guided selling engine and Virgin Media O2’s WhatsApp integration when live chat agents were unavailable.

“In addition to the increase in sales volumes and related traffic that this deployment brings, I am also really pleased with the way in which our two teams combined in order to deliver on the client brief quickly and efficiently”

Paul Ives
CCO, Now Interact

“It was a pleasure collaborating with Now Interact and 15gifts to deliver this exceptional work. By aligning our roadmaps and working together, we created a seamless customer journey that allowed a customer to access additional support overnight when the traditional support channels are closed”

Andrew Carpenter
Virgin Media O2

Out of hours support

By offering the 15gifts engine via the Now Interact tool, thousands of customers have already been supported in their out-of-hours purchasing decision and Virgin Media O2 have been able to generate an uplift in sales.  The tool has provided a significant increase in traffic through to the 15gifts engine, resulting in a +50% uplift to conversion during these traditionally low traffic time periods. The solution is also driving valuable traffic to the WhatsApp channel ready for a “wake up” sequence the following morning.

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