The impact of Covid on Telco industry purchasing behaviour

Tom Cox
Insight and analysis Published 21st May 2020

During the initial Covid-19 period, the 15gifts guided selling engine had 3.8 million conversations with customers looking to buy online across seven Tier 1 Telcos in the UK and US.

Using these conversations we were able to develop a clear understanding of what was shifting across the industry, how customers are changing the way they purchase, and what they purchase.

In May 2020, 15gifts presented our data analysis in a webinar to client representatives. The key findings of this analysis were:

Behaviour changed in response to government action. Site visits were declining before stimulus checks in the US and furlough payments in the UK drove an increase in browsing. Although there were fewer browsers, sales through Telco industry sites increased steadily to mid April, and remained high to the end of the analysis period.

Customers were more committed to purchase than ever. They were also asking for additional support to do so. We saw higher engagement with the 15gifts guided selling engine than we anticipated, and an increase in conversion rates of over 200%.

Decision time grew. When customers were making a purchase, they were taking longer to consider what they’re buying than in the pre-Covid period.

Product choice shifted over the period. Customers were making long term purchasing decisions with their immediate needs and wants in mind. There was growth in demand for, for example, unlimited data, mobile hotspots and apps to entertain children. There was also a shift in both the UK and US towards mid-range phones as the Covid period progressed.

Our full analysis is available in our webinar video. If you would like any more information on this, or on 15gifts, please Contact Us.

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