Combining the power of consumer psychology and AI

A virtual sales advisor that drives digital sales performance and customer experience.

How it works

By asking key questions, our virtual sales advisor understands who your prospects are, then tailors a conversational journey that adapts in real time – enhancing A.O.V, conversion rate, brand perception, and customer retention.

We deliver a guided selling experience that combines the best human qualities with extensive product knowledge and customer understanding to transform the digital sales experience.

Our technology encompasses rich data insights from 12 years of providing guided selling solutions to renowned global brands, as well as your product details, current promotions, brand communication style, and frequently asked questions.

What makes us unique?  We’ve enabled our AI to create compelling, human-like sales conversations by embedding consumer psychology principles into our foundation. 



Intelligent engagement

We use machine learning to identify which customers are likely to engage with the offer of assistance and mitigate any “accidental engagement”, which can lead to customer annoyance and intrusiveness.

Our engine monitors each customer from the moment they land on a site, building up a set of behavioural traits. These traits are then used to create a tailored engagement strategy – ensuring that every conversation starts with a message that aligns with the customer’s goals and motivation.

A conversational, adaptive journey

No two customers are the same, so you need to create conversational experiences that adapt and reflect each customer’s behaviour and tone.

At 15gifts, we create a human-like digital experience by understanding different personas and adapting the conversation style to suit each user.

This approach ensures your customers feel as if they are interacting with someone who speaks their language and truly understands their needs.

Personalised product recommendations

Product recommendations are intelligently limited to those that meet the buyer’s motivations. In addition, we help build buyer confidence by using the traits gathered during the question journey to cut through generic product descriptions.

By providing compelling and personalised USPs that resonate, your customers will understand ‘why’ the product is the best fit for them.

Data insights

Our engine generates in-depth Profiles that reveal your customers’ buying motivations. You can use these insights to power untapped personalisation strategies, beyond the 15gifts engine.

Armed with our Profile data, you can tailor your website to each customer type, predict the behaviour of new visitors, empower your call centre teams, and so much more.

Seamless integration with your website

Seamlessly integrating with your website, our engine ensures that your customer-facing site retains its familiar appearance while providing advanced assistance to help your customers make the right buying decision for them.

We also provide tech support for both integration and ongoing maintenance.

incremental rate – over a third of customers buying through the website wouldn’t have bought online without us.
completion rate – more than 9 in 10 people who answer the first question go on to receive a recommendation.
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