Celebrating 10 years
of EE & 15gifts

EE increases online conversion by 61.4%

By leveraging 15gifts’ guided selling engine and team of dedicated experts, EE has been able to offer their online customers a personalised conversational journey, resulting in significant revenue growth.


per year
orders from customers reaching a recommendation


per year
average number of data rich
customer profiles created


average conversion uplift

About EE

EE, part of the BT Group is one of the largest mobile network operators in the UK. The company has over 13,000 employees and more than 550 shops across the UK.

The Vision

EE’s vision is to provide the best network and service to their customers. As part of this vision, they aim to:

  • Deliver outstanding service to their customers in their physical stores and online
  • Build trust and relevance through a personalised customer experience

The Solution

EE launched the 15gifts guided selling engine to give their customers a more meaningful online experience.  Drawing on deep psychology principles and advanced machine learning, the engine delivers a personalised conversational journey to help customers find exactly what they need – just like speaking to an assistant in store. 

In addition, each engine interaction collects rich data about EE’s prospect customers, including decision drivers and product most likely to buy. These Profiles enable EE to gather the insights needed for tailored marketing and personalised product recommendations.

The dedicated 15gifts squad have worked closely with the team at EE to ensure the engine is continually optimised to deliver the best customer experience.

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Celebrating a decade of partnership

This year, EE and 15gifts are celebrating 10 years of partnership. During this time, the teams have worked closely to ensure the guided selling engine is continually optimised to align to current strategic goals and KPIs. 

Over the years, the dedicated 15gifts squad has regularly reviewed performance data and key KPIs, analysed the impact of industry or seasonal events, and looked for opportunities to drive performance with the team at EE. By staying aligned to EE’s goals, the engine has continued to deliver exceptional conversion uplift.

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Something about how the 2 teams have achieved amazing results and transformed YoY

Jen Crosland,
EE’s Customer Success Manager said