Celebrating 10 years
of EE & 15gifts

EE increases online conversion by 61.4%

EE and 15gifts have been in partnership for over 10 years. In this time, the  15gifts guided selling engine has continued to drive significant value to EE and their customers. This case study examines the factors underpinning the ongoing success.


per year
orders from customers reaching a recommendation


per year
average number of data rich
customer profiles created


average conversion uplift

EE launched the 15gifts guided selling engine to deliver tailored conversational journeys to their online customers. The engine uses information gathered during the question journey to recommend products that meet the unique needs of each customer. As customers interact with the engine, data rich Profiles are created that include information such as decision drivers and the product the user is most likely to buy.

The partnership has been a core part of delivering our online sales experience for over 10 years. In that time the guided selling engine has consistently delivered against acquisition sales targets and provided a more personalised experience for our customers

Anna Hughes – Senior Product Owner, EE

A strategic partnership that delivers

Factors which have led to the successful partnership between 15gifts and EE include a strong relationship between the teams and a clear understanding of EE’s strategic goals.

Strategic alignment:

In addition to ensuring immediate needs are met, regular check-ins enable both teams to share visibility of the year ahead. This has allowed 15gifts and EE to remain aligned and to proactively think ahead about how best to support future initiatives.


The teams regularly review performance data and key performance indicators (KPIs), analyse the impact of industry and seasonal events, and look for opportunities to drive performance.

Combined expertise:

The sharing of information and deep understanding of both businesses has driven regular testing and optimisation opportunities, feeding this back into the engine to ensure optimal performance.

“The relationship with 15gifts is what really drives value for EE. Working with 15gifts for over a decade means we have an extended team that knows our business and goes above and beyond to make sure the engine is performing at its best. Our joint insights and subsequent optimisations means our customers always get the very best experience”

Anna Hughes
Senior Product Owner, EE

“EE has always been one of our top-performing partners. Due to the team’s strong communication, we can jump on technical changes to align, and their passion for innovation and willingness to share knowledge and expertise means we can be quick to optimise. EE is more than just a customer, they have grown with us and share in our vision”

Jen Crosland,
Senior Customer Success Manager at 15gifts

About EE

EE, part of the BT Group, is one of the largest mobile network operators in the UK, offering a wide range of products and services to over 26 million customers. 

The company has over 13,000 employees and more than 550 stores across the UK. Their vision is to provide the best network and service so their customers trust them with their digital lives.

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