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Our Story

So why the name? 15gifts started out making intelligent recommendations for people looking for tailored gift ideas. From there, it was a natural development to take the technology and know how we'd built up, and evolve the product for specific sectors...

We soon realised that, even as internet shopping became part of everyday life, people still faced real problems when committing to important purchases online. Problems which stem from basic human nature - to do with feeling in control, and making a choice based on a manageable number of options.

So as the engine became embedded in each sector, we uncovered the unique principles of psychology which help customers. We increasingly built these into the 15gifts engine, helping people understand and navigate their options to make a confident decision. One which felt good - at the checkout, and long term.

Meet the team

Tom Cox
CEO & Founder
Simon Drakeford
Wayne Hunt
Chief Operating Officer
Julian Freeston
Chief Financial Officer
Georgia Tregear
Chief Customer Officer
Daniel Pickford
Chief Technology Officer
Sue Pavelin
Finance and Project Operations Manager
Sarah McCausland
People & Culture Manager
Scrum Project Manager
Grace Evans
Project Manager
Jasmyn Bloch
Projects Administrator
Nathan Higgins
Customer Success Director
Jen Crosland
Senior Customer Success Manager
Alice Garside
Senior Customer Success Manager
Andrew Brothwell
Product Manager
Matt Kaley-Burton
Product Manager
Jess Sutcliffe
Product Owner
Steven Lester
Lead Designer
Martin Huggett
Digital Product Designer
Katie Fuller
UX Content Strategist
Louise Ford
UX Designer
Piers Carrigan
QA Lead
Pawel Nowak
Jovita Griskenaite
Dan Ridgway
Software Development Engineer in Test
Emily Becht
Customer Analytics Lead
Alaric Jewitt
Data Engineer
Stuart Day
Data Analyst
Kasia Ptasińska
Data Analyst
Tom Levy
Product Analyst
Mark Pratley
Data Science Lead
José Barrera
Senior Data Engineer
Russ Gillespie
Technical Operations Manager
Matt Baker
IT Support Engineer
Sergey Smirnov
Technical Architect
Clara Grant
Development Team Leader
Dale Blackburn
Development Team Leader
James Baker
Development Team Leader
Zeke Ayonrinde
Senior Developer
Dean Pugh
Senior Developer
Jonathan Barron
Senior Developer
Amanda Freeman
Recommendation Engineer
Gary McMonagle
Carlene Cannon-Conner
Front End Developer
Iain Bean
Front End Developer
Liam Shergold
Junior Developer
Liam Dawson
Junior Developer
Michael Meyne
Junior Developer

Going from corporate to comfort

When we moved into our new home in the centre of Brighton, we knew it was a great spot with real possibilities. But at first, it simply wasn’t 15gifts. Here’s how we transformed a stuffy office into a light, open plan space which puts people at their ease – helping great ideas, fantastic work and strong friendships flow naturally.