How it works

The psychology of choice is all about understanding how people make decisions. We study this evolving science, and weave its principles into the way the 15gifts engine works – using machine learning and UX techniques to help customers buy with confidence.

The right level of assistance

No one likes to be jumped on the second they walk into a store. So experienced sales assistants know just when to come forward to help.

Our decision engine recreates their craft. We integrate it into the fabric of your site, so the engine quietly waits until your customer needs it most.

And because we’ve monitored their behaviour up to the point of engagement, we can begin the conversation with a perfectly tailored message which gets your customer’s attention from the start.

Tailored question paths

No two customers using your website are the same.

That’s why our engine asks a few key questions to quickly understand who they are, then tailors the journey to suit these needs.

It leads to a naturally evolving conversation which speaks to your customer in language they understand, and adapts their journey in real time - while collecting rich data to fuel the engine’s sophisticated algorithm.

Intelligent guidance

Customers only buy with conviction when they feel that they’ve taken the final decision.

So our engine tailors - but never restricts - results, intelligently limiting options while giving customers the perfect context to make that crucial final choice.

Best of all, the algorithm behind the engine learns from every user’s decision, understanding complex demographics, to constantly improve recommendations.

Explain and contextualise

Key to making a confident decision is understanding why a product is right for you.

That’s why we present our results in the context of what each customer has told us. This cuts through the usual generic product descriptions and abstract tech specs, giving personalised reasons which resonate.

And because the engine pinpoints groups of similar customers, it provides the unique reassurance of social proof, highlighting how people like you bought in the past.


273people with similar answers chose this phone

The HTC One M9 looks ideal for you


273people with similar answers chose this phone

Here's why:
  • It has a 20MP rear & 4UltraPixel™ front facing camera
  • It runs on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS
  • Includes 4GB of data for all your apps and online browsing

Learn from each interaction

Machine learning means the engine makes a slightly better recommendation each time, based on what like-minded customers have bought in the past.

It also helps drive confident decisions by spotlighting the main recommendation, selecting and presenting alternatives which put it in context. Recommendations naturally adapt to product launches, special offers and pricing updates.

Finally, we feed the learning back into the engine, using persona journey data to optimise question paths, giving a better user experience - and more conversions.

"Based on intelligent software that learns from like-minded shoppers, the 15gifts engine takes away uncertainty for our customers. The expert tool has driven great incremental orders and conversion uplift for Sky – and the friendly, helpful 15gifts team continue to innovate and maximise our growth."

Jan Kirishnalingham, Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager, Sky TV