Proven uplift

Every month, the 15gifts platform drives millions of interactions and generates thousands of incremental orders for partners just like you

Completion rate

Nine out of ten people who answer the first question go on to receive a recommendation

Incremental rate

More than a third of customers buying through the engine wouldn't have bought online without us

Percentage of sales

Over 10% of all sales on our partners' websites now use the engine to make a decision

Behavioural influence

Hero products always sell. But because our engine serves targeted options based on a customer’s needs, they get to see beyond the usual suspects.

This means the engine puts everything on an even footing, finding out which product is genuinely relevant, then making it stand out from the crowd.

By giving prominence to a wider set of products, you dramatically increase your chance of converting each customer.

Powering insight

Data fuels the 15gifts engine; and gives market leading insight into your customers

All those interactions produce a huge amount of data. That’s why your dedicated data scientist constantly monitors the figures, giving you insightful reports and building up profiles to better understand your prospects.

And you can dip into it all yourself at any time, using your dashboard to access the stats and better understand your customers.
It can even give you specific customer profiles for those who buy, to better personalise your relationship in future.

Personalised onward journeys

Our engine is just the start of your relationship with your customer. And if they’re not quite ready to buy now, our data can make your next meeting decisive.

The engine integrates with your live chat and call centre teams, using its customer personas to power your future interactions. We even let customers email their recommendation to themselves and compare later.

Our customer personas can also drive personalised retargeting ads, giving you another chance to reengage prospects when they are elsewhere online.

"By engaging customers in a more interactive and intelligent way, 15gifts has produced a considerable uplift in conversion and delivered unique insights we would otherwise not have had access to."

Virgin Media - Suzanne Kenny, Senior eCommerce Online Sales Manager