Black Friday sector intelligence briefing

Tom Cox
Insight and analysis Published 21st Dec 2020

Telco sector intelligence briefing - from the iPhone launch to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Presented by: Tom Cox, CEO, 15gifts. Emily Becht, Customer Analytics Lead. 

15gifts’ Black Friday sector intelligence briefing is based on our analysis of millions of buying interactions across the leading enterprise Telco sites, from September iPhone launches through to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as looking at a year on year comparison.

It highlights sector-wide performance across the Q4 sales period, as well as identifying trends, including:

Spend and discounting. How average spend value looked over the sale period and what that means for future discounting strategies

Immediacy vs consideration. The ‘Black Friday Waiting Game’ – the balance between immediacy and longer consideration periods, and the opportunities that creates for personalisation

Purchasing patterns. How decisions around key Q4 events compare to normal behaviour patterns in terms of spend, products and features

For more information on this intelligence briefing, please  Contact Us.

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