We're creating a Virtual Sales Advisor that performs better than a human sales advisor

Redefine the standards of personalised ecommerce experiences

With over a decade of expertise in providing guided selling solutions to the world’s leading brands, we’re using that knowledge to push the boundaries of what’s possible – giving your consumers a truly intuitive experience that instils confidence at every stage of their buying journey.

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Deep Integration of Sales Psychology & AI

Using a powerful blend of Generative AI and Sales Psychology, we are creating an AI virtual sales advisor that understands and mirrors the sales techniques used by your best retail sales people.

From the first hello to the final thank you, guide your customers through every step of their purchasing journey.

Build rapport:

establish a connection with your customers mirroring the rapport-building phase critical in traditional sales.

Actively listen & discover:

comprehensively understand customer needs, engaging in active listening and discovery to tailor the shopping experience.

Recommend products:

enable informed decision-making by offering recommendations and comparisons, guiding customers towards informed purchasing decisions.

Boost confidence:

our virtual product expert is ready to address any customer queries on all aspects of your products

Handle objections:

streamline sales conversions by efficiently navigating concerns and hesitations, and leading the customer through to purchase.

Maximise revenue:

strategic up-selling and cross-selling tactics identify opportunities to enhance customer value and maximise revenue from every order


offers a smooth transition to purchase, employing sales tactics to close the deal

The result

The result is an end-to-end sales experience that empowers your online customers to navigate complex sales journeys with confidence, and ultimately achieves outstanding performance KPIs - from A.O.V to conversion uplift, and from brand perception to customer retention.

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Powered by the best human salespeople

Imagine a sales advisor that has been trained on every piece of product literature, every piece of training material, every policy, and every FAQ ever penned. Now imagine that sales advisor works within defined guardrails, never has a bad day and never falls below the highest standards.

We believe this level of sales sophistication using Generative AI is only possible with a unique three-tiered approach to model training:

Sales Capability & Psychology:

Our conversational platform goes beyond basic interactions. Rigorous training in both sales psychology and sales techniques enables our advisor to build rapport, actively listen, and close sales with unmatched efficiency.

Market Specialism:

We've honed our focus on specific sectors to deliver product advice that's deeply rooted in specialised understanding.

Bespoke Brand Training:

Tailored training ensures our virtual sales advisors accurately represent your brand’s ethos, tone, and values, enhancing brand loyalty and trust.

Quality and robustness in execution

Headless API:

Integrate smoothly into your existing systems.

Advanced User Profiling & Personalisation:

Employing sophisticated user profiling and real-time data analysis, we tailor the shopping experience to each individual, boosting conversion rates through unparalleled personalisation.

Integration and Interaction Without Limits:

Generate dynamic and engaging interfaces on-the-fly, enhancing customer interaction with an interface that is completely agnostic.

Uncompromising Quality Control:

Our built-in guardrails guarantee responses are always accurate, appropriate, and aligned with your brand values – protecting your reputation and ensuring customer trust.

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